Quiet apartments in first class locations of Hamburg:
22179 Bramfeld, Soltaus Allee 6 - Outside views
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This is how the house Soltaus Allee 6 with its facilities looks from the outside:

The southern side is beautifully landscaped, bedded in some cherry laurel and rhododendron bushes.
On the north side (road side), the avenue is arranged with pretty chestnut trees.
These trees have been cleared shortly but try to grow again.

The Soltaus Allee 6 is located in a very quiet side street (dead end),
the access to the main road Bramfelder Chaussee is not even 100 meters away.

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Soltaus Allee 6: South view
South view: On the right is the driveway to the greened pitches
Soltaus Allee 6: Street view
Street view: The Soltaus Allee is a quiet side street (dead end street) with many trees.
Soltaus Allee 6: Driveway
Access to the parking space in the backyard
Soltaus Allee 6: Exterior view
South view: The apartments are hidden by a forest of cherry laurel and rhododendron
Soltaus Allee 6: Rhododendrons and cherry laurels
Rhododendrons and cherry laurels on the south side of the house
Soltaus Allee 6: Pitches
The pitches can be rented permanently - if available.
This is always a safe parking ready
Soltaus Allee 6: Garbage bins
Garbage bins are directly right of the access to the backyard
Soltaus Allee 6: Exterior view to north
Main entrance: Right and left you see the terraces of Apartments 0-4 (front) and 0-1 (back)
Soltaus Allee 6: Private parking space
Private parking space can be rented for 40 euros
Soltaus Allee 6: Central terrace
Central terrace for all guests, integrated in a green oasis
Soltaus Allee 6: Bird view
View of the backyard from Apartment 3-2: Quiet and green
Soltaus Allee 6: Southern side view
Southern side view: Private access to Apartment 0-3
Soltaus Allee 6: Private pitches
Further view on the private parking spaces
 Soltaus Allee 6: Haunted terrace
Haunted garden: Especially for apartments without private terrace / loggia / balcony - The perfect spot to sit and relax
Soltaus Allee 6: Street and terrace apartment 0-1
Street and terrace apartment 0-1
Soltaus Allee 6: Street and terrace apartment 0-4
Street and terrace apartment 0-4
Soltaus Allee 6: Resverved parking space in the backyard
Resverved parking space is located in the backyard